Photos: Phish Fans Who Are Almost Certainly High

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Eric Gruneisen
Hey, weed is legal in Colorado for all fun-loving adults! Phish is a band best understood while the listener is in a state of mind unlike the one required to do things like pay taxes and wear slacks. This year's three-night stand by the Vermont band at Dick's Sporting Goods Park represents the confluence of those two facts, and the crowds were in a celebratory mood. Photographer Eric Gruneisen was on hand to capture a few people who had a better weekend than we did. Here are some of those we admire most.

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A First Look at Nocturne, the Jazz Club Opening in RiNo Later This Year

Entrance rendering of Nocturne
The building at 1330 27th Street has been a number of different thing over the last eight decades or so: it was a manufacturing space for dozens of years, a warehouse, an artist loft, a rave spot. A drummer lived there for awhile and it's the former home of NoDo Urban Garden Supply. But in the next few months, the space will be transformed into Nocturne, a modern take on the 1940s jazz supper club.

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Photos: When the Apocalypse Comes, Phish Fans Will Outlive Us All

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Eric Gruneisen
Phish returns to Dick's Sporting Goods Park this weekend for its 84th, 85th and 86th shows in Colorado. I know that thanks to the meticulous documentation available at Also thanks to, I can tell you when the band first played in Colorado (July 28, 1988 at the Roma in Telluride), the number of Colorado bands Phish has covered (two) and the number of times it says "Colorado" in its lyrics (one).

But that relentless attention to detail is not why Phish fans will survive the apocalypse. It is why they'll rebuild a new society, a place where your fate will be decided in a drum circle and the thousands of annotated set lists will offer logic and truth in a world of deceit. They will survive because they are nothing if not resourceful. What follows are some highlights of our previous coverage of the campground and tailgating scene at Phish shows in years' past, and they tell the story of a people ready to lounge together and withstand any horror.

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The Fourteen Best Shows in Colorado This Weekend

Categories: Best Concerts

Taylor Hamby for OC Weekly. More here.
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals were a last-minute addition to the JAS Aspen Snowmass lineup.
It's Phish weekend in Denver, but there are plenty of options for those of you who practice different musical religions as well. Delightful weirdo Bob Log III plays Larimer Lounge, Ramblin' Jack Elliott hits town and the Labor Day Experience comes to Snowmass. Our full list of picks for the weekend follows.

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Here's How Long Your Set Should Be

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Brandon Marshall
Jenny Lewis can pretty much play as long as she wants, as far as we're concerned.
When you purchase a ticket to any concert, you run the risk of not getting the experience you paid for. Outdoor shows get rained out. Favorite songs don't get played. Opening bands go over their allotted time. Sometimes a musician is just having a very bad night. The one variable any musician can feasibly control is the length of his or her setlist, but do bands like Interpol even have to give their audience more than an hour of their time?

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Future Islands' Sam Herring Is the New Freddie Mercury

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Aaron Thackeray
The way Sam Herring moves on stage can be frightening: One moment he's slashing at the air with a balled-up fist, the next he's pounding that fist into his chest with brute force. He crawls across the stage on his knees, sweating and wailing in frustration, but will look up and into your eyes momentarily, and suddenly, he becomes a person you want to know. Last night's Future Islands show at the Gothic Theatre may have been the band's best-ever performance in Colorado to date, led by Herring's ability to express the most real and raw emotions one human can pass along to a room full of hundreds of strangers.

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50 Ways to Support Your DIY Music Community

Categories: DIY, Denver, Lists

Brandon Marshall for Westword.
Hindershot performing at Unit E.
The way a do-it-yourself music community/scene works is exactly like it sounds: by doing it yourself. DIY is an ethos that transcends genre. Regardless of what your music sounds like, you can create it, perform it and essentially sell it, through your own channels and own means without the hand or monetary support of a larger entity that can compromise your art. But it takes more than just musicians in a music scene to do-it-yourself; it takes the people who book shows, do sound, make merch and spread the word about music, too.

So what can you do if you want to be more a part of your community? To get started in the right direction, we've compiled a list of just some of the ways you can help support and be a crucial part of your DIY scene.

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Adam Revell, Formerly of the Motet, Is One of Colorado's Best Keyboard Players

Categories: Profiles

Courtesy of Revell Music
"It was really cool, like completing a circle," says Adam Revell of the first time he realized he already knew Stephen Thurston, a fellow keyboardist he'd begun to collaborate with.

Years earlier, Thurston had taken piano lessons from Revell, formerly of the funk/jam colossus The Motet. Revell didn't remember Thurston at first, but he knew their styles gelled.

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The Best Opening Song Pairings in Album History

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Timothy Norris for LA Weekly. Slideshow
First impressions have always been important in pop music, but in an era where bands seems to outnumber people, it's become our primary currency. In three minutes you can go from reading about a band, to typing their name in Spotify, and writing them off permanently. These are strange times, a utopia gone wrong, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. Pray for the thinning moments of contemplation for our future generations.

But that doesn't have to be a death knell, at least not all the time. An album's killer first impression can serve as some of the most memorable experiences of music listening, a flashpoint realization that the reason you claw through all the middling vibes is to stumble on sublimity. With that in mind, we've collected a few of our favorite one-two punches, when a record turns its track one track two sequence into a clarion call.

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Jerry Kern Has Made a Lot of Noise With the CSO, But Can It Survive Discord With the City?

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As the brass quintet launched into a sweeping rendition of an old Hollywood score, camera crews captured the historic action. This was one of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra's controversial Classically Cannabis fundraisers, possibly the first-ever symphonic marijuana celebration anywhere -- even if the private event, held at the posh new Space Gallery on Santa Fe Drive, was for the most part unremarkable. There were no psychedelic numbers squeezed into the quintet's program of jazz and ragtime favorites, no noticeably pot-fueled shenanigans from the several hundred well-dressed attendees as they sipped wine and socialized.

Out on the gallery's open-air patio, though, patrons were free to smoke the marijuana they'd brought for the occasion -- and from the media's perspective, that was all that mattered. Reporters in attendance made note of the marijuana boutonnieres pinned to many of the guests' chests, the special green neckties the musicians wore for the occasion. Such details would end up in the New York Times, the Times of London, even on TMZ.

This was far from the first time the symphony had turned heads -- and it won't be the last.

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