The Six Creepiest Children in Songs

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Flickr user Todd
Happy Halloween! Let's celebrate with a list of the six best cameos from creepy children in song.

By Ryan Wasoba

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The Eighteen Best Concerts in Denver This Halloween Weekend

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Ed Steele for the Dallas Observer. Full slideshow here.
GWAR! On Halloween! Come on.
Holy moly. We didn't even list all the interesting shows going on tonight, because you have to draw the line somewhere. And Bob Dylan is in town tomorrow! OK, right to it:

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There is Now a Big Head Todd and the Monsters Moonshine

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Big Head Todd and the Monsters at Red Rocks
Eric Gruneisen
If you're the kind of Coloradoan who enjoys listening to Big Head Todd and the Monsters while drinking hard alcohol, perhaps at the band's annual Red Rocks show, then their is something new you should put at the top of your holiday shopping list -- Colorado Sun 'Shine.

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Youth On Record Honored at the Future of Music Coalition in Washington, DC

Jeff Martin
Tyler Bruer, Daniel Rondeau, Ismael Guerrero and Jami Duffy accepts an award at the Future of Music Coalition Honor Dinner on Monday night in Washington, DC.
Youth On Record, a Denver non-profit focused on music education, was recognized Monday night in DC during the Future of Music Coalition Honors Dinner. The FMC Honors award "celebrates pioneers who have made meaningful contributions to the music community."

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Still Looking for Halloween Plans? We Have VIP Passes to Coloween For You

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Aaron Thackeray. More here.
Maybe these two are coming back this year.
Update: And we have a winner! Thanks for playing. Stay safe and warm out there.

We're down to the wire, people: Halloween, which falls on a Friday this year, is only two days away. Personally, I can tell you my costume idea is not working out, but maybe you are slightly more organized than I am. Maybe you have, I don't know, a voodoo-themed outfit planned and nowhere to take it.

In that case, you've come to the right blog post! We've got a pair of VIP passes to Coloween, Denver's annual tribute to facepaint and debauchery, held this year at City Hall. Costume genius Riff Raff will both perform and judge the $1,000 contest.

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Cold Cave's Wesley Eisold on UFOs, the Cure and his Upcoming Lipgloss DJ Set

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Miguel Escobar
Wesley Eisold of Cold Cave
You may want to include Lipgloss at Beauty Bar in your Halloween plans this Friday for a DJ set with Cold Cave's Wesley Eisold.

It's a fitting guest for the venerable party: while what often passes for goth today is very far removed from the music and subculture that laid the foundations, Cold Cave manages to embody the dark spirit of that music and its aesthetic much better than the poppy EBM and de-fanged industrial music that dominates that genre.

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Children's Albums Are Bad for Children

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Recess Monkey: Bad for Kids
In Washington State, where I live, marijuana is legal and sold in special stores. This poses an interesting quandary for parents. Do you: (A) raise pot in the vein of beer when discussing it with your children, or (B) embrace the federal standard and advise that they abstain from it altogether, until its legality is the law of the land?

The answer is (C): Sit your toddler down in her car seat, and let Kacey Musgraves explain.

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One of the World's Best Run the Jewels Murals Is in Denver

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Gamma Gallery
Various stages of the Thrill the Jewels mural at Gamma Gallery.
Run the Jewels is one of the most exciting musical projects happening now. The collaboration between Killer Mike and El-P is having something of a heyday, raising an amount of money that surprised even them for a cat-related remix project called Meow The Jewels, getting featured everywhere from Rolling Stone to Complex. Oh, and the duo just released an album. The frenzy continues with a graffiti project called Tag The Jewels, where artists from around the world took on the Run the Jewels logo.

There have been entries everywhere from New York to New Delhi, but one of the most widely-circulated came from right here in Denver, courtesy of Gamma Gallery.

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Some Monster Stole John Denver's Head

Hughes Television Network/Wikimedia
"Goodbye Again"
When John Denver became the first inductee in the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, the legendary singer's estate donated a bronze bust to the the Hall's collection.

It has been on display in the 1STBANK Center for the past three years, where it was at the start of Tuesday's Saints and Sinners Halloween Ball, hosted by KBPI (106.7 FM) and headlined by Five Finger Death Punch. Sometime during the show, John Denver's head disappeared, presumably in the hands of a sinner.

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Alt-J Revives the Slow Jam at the Fillmore Auditorium

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Timothy Norris for LA Weekly. Full slideshow here.
Alt-J performs at the Greek Theatre last week.
Alt-J is among rare company as an internationally successful pop act that attracts mostly 20-somethings who danced elegantly on every spare piece of Fillmore floor - and stairway, to security's dismay. Nowhere to be seen were the loud-mouthed bro-downers and screaming teenagers frequently populating the concerts of the band's peers.

It was during the rising English "folktronica" quartet's stunningly original version of the Bill Withers classic "Lovely Day," the entrance to a four-song encore, that it hit me: slow is cool. Slow is powerful. Slow may even be the new fast.

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