Run the Jewels Made it All Worth it At the Ogden Last Night

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Scott Lentz
Killer Mike raps on stage at the Ogden Theatre.
During a break in between songs at the Ogden Theatre last night, Run the Jewels' Killer Mike joked about someone who ran out of the building during the previous song, clearly out of her comfort zone. This is not music for the uninitiated: Two dudes screaming on stage over beats seemingly made of explosions. And they are joined by a crowd of hundreds all screaming the lyrics with their hands in the air in the shape of a gun and a fist. It's not something you can merely spectate.

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The Ten Best Shows in Denver This Weekend

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Courtesy of the band
Pierce the Veil plays the Fillmore on Sunday.
There are plenty of good shows this SIA weekend, including Icelantic's Winter on the Rocks tonight (featuring Damien Marley and Major Lazer). Elsewhere, you'll find John Doe at the Lion's Lair and Pierce the Veil at the Fillmore. The rest of our picks follow.

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Underground House Legend T.Williams on His New Label and Creative Freedom

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T.Williams. Photo courtesy of the artist.
Once upon a time, T.Williams (performing at Beta tomorrow night), who's known for his underground house/bass production and sets, partnered up with S.E.F. to found the Deep Teknologi label. "We came to a point with that label when that U.K. deep house thing was going on," he explains, "and my friend was really into that, but I was really more into straight, linear styles. So we decided to call it a day with that label a few years ago."

But T.Williams still had big plans for a label, and they're coming to fruition.

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Damian Marley On Jamrock, Nas and SuperHeavy

Damian Marley
Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley is set to perform at Red Rocks for Icelantic's Winter On the Rocks on Friday, January 30 with Major Lazer. Though the son of an influential music legend, Bob "Tuff Gong" Marley, like Sean Lennon, Damian Marley has firmly established himself as a noteworthy musician in his own right. His debut album, 1996's Mr. Marley, came out when Marley had recently turned eighteen. The follow-up, the 2001 release Halfway Tree received a 2002 Grammy for Best Reggae Album. Clearly, Damian Marley had arrived.

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The Tiny Desk Concert Contest Entries of Fourteen Colorado Bands

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via Youtube
Patrick Dethlefs' entry

If you haven't heard or seen NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series, that's a rabbit hole you should spend your day going down. Basically, bands huddle around a desk at the NPR offices and play stripped-down versions of their songs. Everyone from The National to T-Pain has stopped by, and now maybe a lucky Denver band will too.

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Billy Joel Is Coming to Denver

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Courtesy of the tour.
Billy Joel will return to Denver on September 16 for a show at the Pepsi Center. This will be his first show here in five years and one of only ten non-New York shows scheduled in 2015. Tickets go on sale Friday, February 6, at 10 a.m. through Altitude Tickets.

There was a press conference held this afternoon at the Blue Sky Grill inside the Pepsi Center to announce the show (and, yes, that's very unusual these days). At it, G. Brown of the Colorado Music Hall of fame relayed the legendary songwriter's particular connection to the Centennial State.

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The Story Behind Puddle of Mudd Singer Wes Scantlin's Ill-Fated Baggage Carousel Ride

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creenshot of the Puddle of Mudd Facebook page
Wes Scantlin issues an apology?
On Friday, January 16, before a show scheduled for that night at Casselman's, Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin arrived at Denver International Airport, where he promptly hopped on a baggage carousel. That did not end well. "Evidentlyn someone in their group was egging him on to do it," says Seth Daniels, who promoted the show. "They were videotaping it for, I don't know, [TSA] told him to get off, and he refused. They didn't arrest him immediately; they warned him: 'Hey, if you don't get off the luggage rack, we're going to arrest you.' He refused to get off, so they arrested him."

Daniels, of Rock Panther Presents, had to hear about the events secondhand, as he was in Albuquerque managing an MMA show. He received a call at about 3 p.m. from someone at the limousine company handling transportation for the band. Initially, Daniels thought it was a joke. "It is pretty funny, but it would just be a lot funnier if it didn't happen to me," he says.

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What to Wear to Icelantic's Winter on the Rocks

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Brandon Marshall
Last year's Winter on the Rocks
Winter on the Rocks, featuring Major Lazer and Damien Marley, is just one day away, and that means it's time to pick out what to wear. Many Red Rocks shows involve a lot of bare stomachs, bright colors and flower crowns. But Winter on the Rocks is, obviously, in January. Although it has felt like summer the past few days, Friday looks like it'll be in the 30s with some wind. And while there will certainly be some heat generated by the crowd and the lights, breaking out your neon-green bra and sparkle leggings may not be the wisest choice. Instead, we've come up with some classic looks that can be modified to keep you from freezing while you dance to Major Lazer.

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Lakewood Rock Haven Eck's Saloon Has Closed

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Jon Solomon
Eck's Saloon, which had a long history of hosting hard rock acts, has closed.
Eck's Saloon, long a haven for both local and national hard rock acts like Warrant, Quiet Riot, and Skid Row, recently closed. The Lakewood-based music venue and bar, once owned by Mike Bruno (who also used to own Iliff Park Saloon and Bruno's Saloon) and which changed hands twice over the last two years, was home to fans of '80s hair metal and hard rock, hearty drinkers and bikers.

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Wet Pizza V (Wet It Be) Compilation is a Beautiful Cross Section of Denver's Fringe Artists

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Eamonn Wilcox is Running Niwot, one of 32 artists featured on the Wet Pizza V (Wet It Be) compilation.
Now in its fifth incarnation, the running Wet Pizza compilation series is a perfect representation of Denver's just-under-the-radar music scene. But Wet Pizza V (Wet It Be) -- a collection of of 32 tracks by 32 artists -- isn't merely a snapshot of this city's vibrant DIY-minded music community; it includes artists from across the country, all with a Denver connection.

"It's not necessarily about genre, but people I had been friends with in the scene," says Gabe Stoll, the musician behind the Wet Pizza series he began several years ago. Though it has been four years since the last compilation installment, Stoll says he had no trouble rounding up the songs that flow seamlessly through the almost two hour long album.

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