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stop-watch.jpgHelio Sequence
Keep Your Eyes Ahead
Sup Pop

02:00-02:45 of “Lately”
I remember this band sounding totally different. It seems like they used to be sort of electro-pop. Now they sound like U2. I guess they’re just copying U2 in reverse historical order. Anyone remember Pop? Man, that record would have been sweet if Bono wasn’t on it.

Shelby Lynne
Just a Little Lovin’
UMG Records

00:00-00:45 of “Just a Little Lovin’”
Aw, this is so freakin’ adorable. This is one of those records that is okay to play when Grandma is around, except – I’m a little unclear about the lyrics, “Just a little lovin’ early in the morning, beats a cup of coffee for startin’ out the day.” Is she talking about *gasp* doing the, um, you know, it? Gross!

Vampire Weekend
XL Records

01:00-01:45 of “A-Punk”
OMG have you heard Vampire Weekend yet? They are like totally on the verge of breaking and it’s like going to be so super sweet then before they broke. Now, like, they’re going to be cuter than ever. I am like, so excited. Have your checked out the digital book that comes with the digital download? So, sweet. But, yeah, it’s pretty okay – I wouldn’t call it a revolution but it’s funky and neat.

Charmed and Strange

00:45-01:30 of “Adore Adore”
Dear World,
Please disallow Yoav from making any more music. PS Please tell the rest of yourself that mixing Jack Johnson vocals with electronic twitter patting is not a good idea. Thanks.

-- Thorin Klosowski

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