The Asbestos Tampons want to stick it to you

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Looking for new ways to make those that love you cringe in public? Look no further. A group of local punks calling themselves the Asbestos Tampons evidently just received a fresh shipment of stickers that they're just dying to lay on you. While we don't know how eyebrow raising the stickers are exactly, with a name like that, they're bound to be at least a little offensive, right? Granted, the name isn't quite as offensive as, say, AxCx (Google it if you must -- I mean, even we've got our limits), but we're pretty sure if you slap that bad boy on the bumper of the old Buick you'll turn at least a few heads when you pull into church on Sunday morning. To get yours, just stop by the Tampons' MySpace page and drop the dudes a line. Oh yeah, and they'll also toss in a free CD for posterity. -- Dave Herrera

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