What happened to the Denver Message Board?

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Do you hear that? That's the sound of people actually working. Weird, huh? And it's been this way for at least a month now, since the DenverMessageBoard.com went the way of pager technology. That's when I first noticed, anyway, thanks to a pesky Trojan virus I'm nearly positive that I picked up visiting the site. (I know what you're thinking...serves me right -- that whole bit about laying down with dogs and getting fleas, right?) Well, according to DMB's defacto overlord, Brice Hancock, it seems that some unscrupulous hounds hacked the site a few weeks ago and have had their way with our darling little girl ever since. Hancock's been working with a programmer to get the site back up and running. If those efforts continue to be unsuccessful, Hancock says he'll set about creating an entirely new forum. Get on it, brother! -- Dave Herrera

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