Flobots' Andy Guerrero gives Conan O'Brien the shirt off his back

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Photo borrowed from djcoffman.com

Last night after appearing on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Flobots' guitarist Andy Guerrero apparently gave Conan the shirt right off his back.

At the end of the group's performance of "Rise" (which can be seen here), if you listen closely, you can hear the late night host hitting Guerrero up for his T-shirt, a custom design by comic book artist D.J. Coffman which features an illustration of O'Brien. "The idea, of course," writes Coffman on his blog, "was to satirize (in a good way) the whole Shephard Fairey Obama HOPE image we’re all pretty familiar with." Coffman has made the shirt available for purchase online for a limited time. While that shirt's certainly pretty cool, personally, we're lusting after the one above worn by Stephen Brackett. -- Dave Herrera

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