Rap-Up: The Pirate Signal compared to... will.i.am?

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PirateSignal.jpgThe Pirate Signal recently got off a national tour with 3OH!3 and most of the feedback the duo is getting from their live set include everything from "passionate" to "hyper". That's the great thing about Colorado hip-hop going on tour, seeing how other cities react to the music. But in a recent review of a San Diego show, the reviewer compared the group to the pop-ness of the Black Eyed Peas' will.i.am. Yes, it is a strange comparison. The reviewer also called the riot-inducing track, "I Can't Wait," inspirational. Yeah, it inspires me to throw a chair through a window. Check out the video for the song the fellas did for HDNET last year after the jump.
I Can't Wait

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