The best Christmas gift. Ever!

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All right, so you know how this time of year everybody asks you if you've received anything cool for Christmas? Generally, I'm all, like, you know, socks, shirts, gift certificates, yada, yada -- and that's usually the extent of the conversation. Not that I'm ungrateful -- it's just, how much can really you say about that sort of stuff? The socks are really, um, warm? Well, this year, I received perhaps the coolest present ever: A handcrafted bench made entirely from original benchwood from Red Rocks. As I sat and marveled at the bench, which was given to me by the fine folks at Theatres & Arenas, I started thinking about all the people who sat on it and all the amazing shows they must have taken in. Wow, man! Just then, my wife, of course, pointed out something I hadn't even considered: "Yeah," she said, "but how many people do you think puked on those things?" Even better, if you ask me. -- Dave Herrera

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