Freaky Friday: Zombie Zombie, aliens, G.I. Joes together at last

Categories: Freaky Friday

Did you ever feel like the universe is reaching directly into your brain for inspiration on what crazy shit it should do next? That's how I feel watching this clip, which takes like five of my favorite things in the world -- Krautrock inspired electronic grooves, zombies, G.I. Joe, John Carpenter and stop-motion animation -- and mashes them together in the most delicious way possible. The band is French dance/groove/weirdo outfit Zombie Zombie (not to be confused with the local, Warren Beddell-fronted act, but still coolest name ever! That's them pictured above), the video is a stop-motion recreation of  the John Carpenter classic The Thing created with G.I. Joe figures. It's incredible, and you can find it after the jump.

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