Rough Draft in the studio with American Idol's Chris Sligh and some (moving) pictures to prove it

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Photo: Summit Sudios

Found yet another batch of videos of a band hard at work in the studio. These feature Rough Draft, an up-and-coming, unabashed Christian rock act from Fort Collins that spends the bulk of its time on the road. Coming off winning the band competition at the Gospel Association's annual Music in the Rockies confab last summer, the outfit has sold more than 4,000 copies of its eleven-song debut, Not Far Away, which was recorded at the world-famous Blasting Room with an assist from white-hot, can't-miss studio maestros Andrew Berlin and Jason Livermore, who handled engineering and mastering, respectively. As you'll see in the clips posted after the jump, the band is currently in Nashville working on a new EP with Chris Sligh, a husky, big-haired, golden-voiced finalist from the sixth season of American Idol.

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