Whatever happened to Desperate Angel?

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There's a great dialogue happening right now on the Denver Music Board about the local bands that mattered the most to everyone individually. While there's a ton of groups on that list that had a big impact on me, there's one in particular that I remember fondly as being my gateway into the scene.

I vividly remember the day I discovered them. I couldn't have been more than twelve, maybe thirteen at the time. The band was called Desperate Angel. The drummer was the older brother of my buddy Jason, who lived a few streets over. That's how I found out about the group. He gave me a '45 the outfit had produced. I remember sitting in my room staring at the cover for hours -- the logo, the photo of the dudes in long hair -- as I listened to the music. I was just so enamored with the fact that these guys (one of them at least) lived in my neighborhood and was in a band. I don't think I ever met him, but I sure did think he was cool. Couldn't wait for the day when I was in a band. I don't remember the song, to be honest, nor do I know whatever happened to those cats. Eventually, I moved on to other bands like Elysian and Fluery, and eventually made my way from Northglenn to Denver to discover acts like the Jonez and Pil Bug. In retrospect, I don't think Desperate Angel made much of a dent -- well, on anybody except me. So what was the first small time local band that left its imprint on you?

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This is a fun post to see after all these years!  This is Jeff Howard, one of the original founders of the band, main songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player.  So, who was your friend's brother?  We had several drummers during the course of Desperate Angel's lifespan, but I'm thinking you must be talking about J.C. Devin (aka Jeff Cline).  Jeff and I had played together in previous bands and he was an awesome drummer.  

After Desperate Angel did a couple of gigs in Denver in the summer of 1985 (Memorial Day Weekend and our Labor Day Weekend record release party), we packed up headed out to Los Angeles (literally the next day after the Labor Day gig) to play our cards there.  It was the heyday of the "big hair" rock band era in LA.  We played alongside such bands as Warrant, Hurricane, G 'n R and other staple acts of the day, but never quite got the attention we felt we deserved and eventually I went off to do a solo record, called The Passion that was released in 1990.  The Desperate Angel/Kid Rocker single is still floating around the internet in various places.  I even still have a box of those white vinyl singles in my garage.  I can understand how you'd stare at the cover for hours, especially if you were just hitting puberty!  Our cover girl was pretty hot...her name was Natalie and she was a model out of a Denver agency.  

Thanks for bringing back some great memories and for acknowledging that Desperate Angel made a mark on your world.  


Jeffrey Howard
Desperate Angel (Denver/Los Angeles rock band, circa 1985-1988) 

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