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Photo: Jonathan Shoup
With the blessing of Orange Peel Moses and DJ Hot to Death, we are pleased to present you with a free remix of Orange's latest opus, "Pussy Whipped," a song that celebrates the joy of casual hookups, friends with benefits and other non-traditional sexual arrangements. The track is something of a family affair, with contributions from Deadlip (guest MC) and Friends in Stereo (production), deftly remixed by DJ Hot to Death.
If you don't know of Orange Peel Moses, you're missing out. The guy is some kind of throwback to vaudeville days. He sings, he dances, he writes, he makes orange-peel sculptures (hence the name), he's a stilt-walker who frequently performs at parties, he does singing telegrams ... the guy gets around. You can catch him singing and dancing this Saturday, Valentine's Day, at Beta, where he will be performing "Pussywhipped." In the meantime, the free DJ Hot to Death remix of "Pussywhipped" is here for the taking. Right-click (or Apple + click for you Mac folks) on the link, choose "Save File As..." and enjoy!

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