Ghost Buffalo gets robbed. May the burglars burn in hell.

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Photo Jesse Dawson
While we're not exactly the type of folks to ever wish ill will on anyone, here's hoping that karma is indeed a boomerang this time around and that the presumed lowlifes who burglarized our friends in Ghost Buffalo burn in hell -- or at least get a flat tire or something. Thanks to a break-in at their apartment, Marie Litton and Matt Bellinger are now minus a computer, an acoustic guitar, a new iPod, a digital camera and a bunch of other stuff, including some of the music Marie spins at her midweek dance night. Nonetheless, Marie is still planning to be behind the decks at 3 Kings Tavern tonight for her Red Light Dance party, so stop by and commiserate with them by buying them both a drink or at least joining them cursing the creeps who made off with their stuff.

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