Sneak peek: the Still City's new album

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Better get some gloves on, folks: This one's so hot off the presses that it's literally still cooling as we post this. We've just been blessed with a brand-new, super-exclusive (it isn't even posted on the band's MySpace page yet) track from the Still City's as-yet-titled forthcoming record, which the band isn't even finished recording yet. The full album is due out sometime this summer. You can catch the Still City live in Colorado Springs at the Black Sheep on Saturday, February 28, when the band joins the Photo Atlas guys for their CD-release show. In the meantime, we've posted "You've Got Your Hands," which was just recorded by Chris Fogal at his Black in Bluhm studio, for free download (or stream, if you please) after the jump. Enjoy.

Download "You've Got Your Hands" by the Still City

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