Brandi Carlile drops in on Gregory Alan Isakov at the Meadowlark

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Todd Roeth
Got there late and didn't stay for the whole thing -- mostly because I'd already had a full night taking in bits of Reverend Deadeye's set at 3 Kings and SoundRabbit at the hi-dive, not to mention a few too many cocktails -- but I was pleasantly surprised to catch Brandi Carlile sitting in with Gregory Alan Isakov at the Meadowlark. I'd tell you that he was on, but then, he's always on, so that wouldn't exactly be breaking news. But yeah, Carlile, a frequent collaborator with Isakov whose vocals are all over his new record, This Empty Northern Hemisphere, stopped by after her set at Swallow Hill last night, nonchalantly made her way to the stage mid-song and quaintly nudged Isakov over and began singing the sublime harmony before anyone even realized who she was. Pretty sure folks were still wondering who the owner of that bewitching voice was when Isakov told us, "That was Brandi Carlile, everbody." The whole thing made for a wonderful capper to an otherwise dreary Thursday night.

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