Flier of the Week: Night of the Living Shred at Tooey's

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Our super groovy flier of the week comes from the newly reincarnated Night of the Living Shred. The Best of Denver award winning dance party is returning as a monthly party at Tooey's and to kick off the re-inaugural on Thursday, April 9, with DJs Wesley Wayne, Parris and Sonny Phono and as a bonus, it's part of the Silly Pink Bunnies convention. To kick things off in fine style, they've delivered this seriously awesome flier. Just look at that thing -- I'm pretty sure I dreamt this once when I passed out watching Adult Swim Cartoons after accidentally imbibing some of my hippie cousin's special fungal tea. If the night is half as cool as that flier, it should be the best time you've had in months.

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