Moving Pictures: Jim McTurnan, Mike Marchant, Hawks of Paradise, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, Angie Stevens and more

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From the soggy, cold weather to being under, uh, well, the weather until today -- which, incidentally, also accounts for why this week's episode of Moving Pictures wasn't posted until today -- it was a pretty miserable weekend. Fortunately, the music was delightful, as always, which more than made up for things. See what we saw after the jump.

Since Thursday is the new Friday, we got a head start at Joseph Pope's birthday bash at the hi-dive, wherein we caught some exceptional sets. Up first was Jim McTurnan, who was in absolutely fine form with his new band, which includes Josh Wambeke of Fell on bass guitar and the Pseudo Date's Josh Fate on drums, followed by Mike Marchant, who played some acoustic numbers, including a song he wrote in honor of the b-day boy, who also treated us to a couple quick tunes (so quick we didn't capture any of it). Then it was on to some full on rawk from Hawks of Paradise, which now boasts Aaron Collins of Machine Gun Blues fame on keys, and a closing set from Snake Rattle Rattle Snake.

On Friday night, we made to the Soiled Dove for a goosebump-inducing set from Angie Stevens (granted, we already had a fever by then, but it gave us the chills, nonetheless). We recovered briefly by Saturday night in time to split our time between the Meadowlark and Larimer for sets by the Archive, playing its first show back in six months (and sounding absolutely killer, BTW, with its new drummer, former We Are! We Are! timekeeper, Sam Gault), followed by invigorating performances by Black Market Empire, L'Elan Vital, Lions the Brave, the Magic Mice and Gritch. Live vicariously below.

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