MP3 Freeloader: Tonight, the Mighty 18 Wheeler CD release party at Bender's

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The Mighty 18 Wheeler. You've remember them, right? Brylcream, rockabilly and whatnot? Yeah, um, you can forget all that. If you haven't heard, the boys have undergone a massive overhaul, namely shaving off the 'billy from their previous designation and drafting Halden Wofford on vocals (who answers to Bret Bertholf here and sounds unlike you've ever heard him, as do his bandmates). In advance of the Mighty 18 Wheeler's CD release show tonight at Bender's Tavern with King for a Day and Hoss, we've posted a track, "Natives of Nowhere," from the new record -- Stimulus Package, pristinely recorded at Chris Fogal's Black In Bluhm studio -- for your downloading pleasure after the jump. Dig in.


Download "Natives of Nowhere" by the Mighty 18 Wheeler

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