Oh no he didn't! DJ AM hates on Birdman

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Wow! Thanks to the astute observational skills of our homie Castro at A Walking Disaster, we just came across a tweet from DJ AM, in which he asserts that Chris Andersen "looks like an ed hardy model that listens to smashmouth vs linkin park mash ups." Really, dude? Well, if we squint really hard in a completely drunken state, guess we can kind of see the Ed Hardy part (we're not nuts about broseph's faux hawk, either), but Smashmouth and Linkin Park? C'mon, man! No need to splash dude with that kind of haterade. For our money, the guy seems a lot more like the naught's answer to Dennis Rodman, only less freaky. At any rate, contrary to our previous assertion that Bird and company would be in L.A. when you stop by Beta with Jazzy Jeff on Wedsnesday, June 3, looks like he may be back in town (turns out, game seven, if there is a game seven, is on Sunday, May 31 -- d'oh, our bad!). So you might be able to take that up with him. See AM's tweet after the jump.


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