See the Epilogues for free next Saturday night at Herman's

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Fresh off their homemade, sandwich-board-wearing stint at Showcase, the Epilogues are getting ready to embark on a short tour of the West Coast by way of the Pacific Northwest, and to kick things off, as you've probably deduced from the headline and the above graphic, the act is playing a tour sendoff show at Herman's Hideaway next Saturday, June 27. I know. Yeah, and...? Hold on, there's more. Somebody at Herman's (likely Paige Montgomery) came up with the novel idea of dropping the normal cover for anyone bringing a ticket from any other venue from a show that same night. Montgomery and her co-hort, Chris Thomas of Random Friend Generator and Spools of Dark Thread, have been all kinds of creative over at Herman's as of late. This past Monday, in fact, Thomas kicked off Degenerate Mondays, his new gothic-centric weekly.

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