Zombie Hate Brigade sign with Crash Music

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Zombie Hate Brigade with Troma president and co-founder Lloyd Kaufman

Just got word that local grindcore band Zombie Hate Brigade have signed with Crash Music, a national label out of Phoenix that focuses on heavy metal and rock. The band's debut release on Crash will be an expanded, multimedia-enhanced CD of their recent self-released self-titled album. Fans will get the original disc, plus lyrics, two more songs, all-new (and totally awesome) artwork and the video for "I wanna put my JUNK in Stacy", featured on this blog a while back. The guys also recently finished up a successful tour of the midwest and are working on material for a new album. Hit the jump for a list of upcoming dates and a sneak peek at the new album artwork.

July 18 (early) - Dulcinea's 100th Monkey - Festival/Benefit Show for underprivileged kids
July 18 (late) - Bender's Tavern
August 29 - 3 Kings Tavern
September 26 - The Toad Tavern


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