Freaky Friday: Sour - "Hibi no Neiro"

Categories: Commentary

Japan offers us this week's entry into the weird of the world. The song is "Hibi no Neiro" by Japanese group Sour. It's actually quite a nice little tune, sort of like a Japanese Belle and Sebastian who stop for a psych-rock/free jazz freakout now and then -- which I guess is weird enough, if you think about it. But the video here is something else. It's a psychedelic exercise in applied webcam awesomeness that comes out like a surreal 21st century version of the Brady Bunch opening credits, only the Brady's heads sometimes get welded together and the occasional dude in a Mexican wrestling mask shows up. So, nothing like that at all, but I think you get the idea. Or you will once you hit the jump and watch it yourself.

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