Five movie hippies who make us wish we'd lived in the '60s

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With Taking Woodstock in theaters today, hippies are on our mind. Specifically those scantily clad, flowers-in-the-hair, joint-tugging types who make us children of the '80s wish we had a DeLorean, a six pack of plutonium, and plenty of road.

We're sure there are some lovable hippie chicks in this flick, but they'll be hard pressed to top these five.

5. Sienna Miller, Hippie Hippie Shake (2010)

OK, so it isn't even out yet. But pictures have surfaced of Miller getting naked in this British hippie film, and, well, we're sold.

4. Kate Hudson, Almost Famous


Hudson is no longer an object of desire, unless you count A-Rod's desire to make her shut up. But she was so confident, so powerful, and so purely hot as Penny Lane, she managed to keep my interest all the way through You Me, and Dupree. And that's some feat.

It's all happening, alright ... in my pants! Get it?

3. Meg Ryan, The Doors


Long before Meg Ryan's lips became stunt doubles for the Goodyear blimp, she was hot. And while her hotness typically took a softer-edged form, a la When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle, her role as Jim Morrison's girlfriend in 1991's The Doors proved that she can play hippie, and play it hot.

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