The Denver Boot: Achille Lauro at the Bluebird Theater

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Nearly two weeks ago, Achille Lauro opened up for Akron/Family at the Bluebird. Achille Lauro was dependably stellar as always. "In terms of the opening three bands, however, Achille Lauro's set stood out," wrote A.H. Goldstein in his review of the show. "The outfit's meditative and eloquent guitar lines, deepened by frontman Matt Close's sinuous synth lines and emotive vocals, made for a grounded and consistent set. Guitarist Luke Mossman offered plaintive and expertly plucked lines, a constant boon that helped carry the group's set." Our buddy Lance Stack from the Flat Response captured the whole set and has once again graciously hooked us up with links to download for this week's Boot. Enjoy!


Achille Lauro

Bluebird Theater

1. Intro
2. "No Brakes"
3. (new song)
4. (new song)
5. "Friend's War"
6. (new song)
7. "Buried Under Ice"
8. "Summertime"
9. "The Unicorn Song"

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