Freaky Friday: "Yatta"

Categories: Commentary

Today's freakshow is something of an Internet classic, and no doubt many of you are already well familiar with the singing, dancing insanity of the Japanese boy-band parody "Yatta." But classics gain that status for a reason, so you can stand to watch it again so your less well-informed colleagues and aficionados of wack can immerse themselves in the deep, abiding joy that is "Yatta." As mentioned, it's a parody of boy-band and J-pop silliness from Japan, so it has that distinctively off-the-wall sensibility that most Japanese comedy has. It also may be slightly NSFW, depending on how your workplace feels about Japanese men prancing about it tighty-whities with giant green leaves emblazoned on the front. If that's something you'll get away with, then enjoy the video after the jump.



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