MP3 Freeloader: New tracks from the Epilogues and the Photo Atlas

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Yesterday, we told you about this Friday's split CD release party featuring the Photo Atlas and the Epilogues. Today we present you with a track from each of the bands for free download. The full split, titled the Friendship EP, will obviously be available at the show, and features the Photo Atlas taking on "King Arthur" by the Epilogues and that band taking on "Handshake Heart Attack" by the Photo Atlas. Since the guys -- who just returned from a joint tour in route to New York for CMJ -- are already pulling the old switcheroo, we're kind of wondering if they'e going to be dressing up as each other this Friday at their sexy costume dance party. It is Halloween after all. If not, maybe some of the other bands on the bill (The Battleship Agenda, Regret Night and the Chain Gang of 1974) will entertain us with their kooky costumes.

MP3: "I Can't Sleep," the Photo Atlas
MP3: "Hunting Season," the Epilogues

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