The Denver Boot: Murder Ranks at 3 Kings Tavern - 09/06/09

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A few weeks ago, we offered up a list of our dream reunions. You responded by offering up dream lists of your own. And as we've been out an about and the subject has been broached over beers, one local name keeps coming up -- the Warlock Pinchers, a now mythical act whose latent irreverence was matched only by its caustic wit. As it turns out, the band reunited last month -- well, as close as we're going to get to a reunion for the time being anyway, when Dan Wanush (aka King Scratchie) of Murder Ranks was joined on stage by Andrew Novick (K.C. K-sum) of Get Your Going. The pair tackled a few Pinchers cuts, including the inimitably profane "Morrisey Rides a Cockhorse." Our pal James Freeman (who just launched a blog of his own, BTW, called That's the Thing About That), was not only on hand for the performance, but taped it -- the entire set. And since he's graciously blessed us with the recordings, we're now laying 'em on you. Download the entire set after the jump. Gratis. You're welcome.

MurderRanksWithNovick - Sept06-10.JPG

Murder Ranks
3 Kings Tavern

01. Surgeon Technique
02. Cowboy And Indians
03. Let's Fool Around
04. Broadway
05. I Killed A Girl
06. Save The Pixie!
07. Another Saturday Night
08. Killing U2
09. Too Young
10. Soundboy Why
11. "Andrew Novick where the hell are you?"
12. Straight Out The Dancehall *
13. Tammy Ealom intro
14. Island of the Misfit Toyboys *$
15. Where the Hell Is Crispin Glover *
16. Flaming Mimes *
17. - interlude -
18. Arnie *
19. Morrissey Rides a Cockhorse *

* With Andrew Novick (aka K.C. K-sum)
$ with Tammy Ealom from Dressy Bessy

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