Freeloader: Download brand new songs from Action Packed Thrill Ride

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Michaela Joy
Houses won't be the only local band unveiling new material at the Larimer Lounge this Saturday night. Action Packed Thrill Ride is playing an opening set during the release show for Houses' latest EP Fall, and they to hand out extended singles bearing new tunes. Today, we're offering some tastes of the group's new directions since their 2008 release, A Looseleaf Script. The following three tracks offer a stylistic departure from Action Packed's freshman record, bearing a slower pace, more nuanced finger picking patterns and meditative, musing vocals. The shift in style works, and if these songs serve as a preview of a full release to come, we're looking forward to it.

MP3: "Best I've Felt," Action Packed Thrill Ride
MP3: "In This River," Action Packed Thrill Ride
MP3: "Perfect Winter Day," Action Packed Thrill Ride

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