Moving Pictures: A first look take on Meese's "Tell Me It's Over"

Categories: Video

On its Just So You Know music blog yesterday, AOL had the exclusive premiere of Meese's brand-new video for "Tell Me It's Over," the unabashedly sugary single previously known as "The Start of It." We'd embed it here for you, but that would seem to invalidate the whole notion of exclusivity on our part, now, wouldn't it?


Instead, we'll just tell you about it: The plot-less performance clip for "Tell Me It's Over," directed by Ryan Bartley of Ghost Town Media, the same firm that produced the video for the band's debut single, "Next In Line," intersperses footage from numerous cameras and angles, some collected from cameras suspended from the rafters and swinging freely with various handheld shots, for an effect that invokes the inherent voyeuristic overtones of surveillance video. The clip then ends abruptly with the act smashing its gear for no apparent reason.

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