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White Denim is to modern psychedelic post-punk what Alice Donut was to punk rock -- weird and unafraid to let their varied musical freak flags fly. Across the Austin trio's latest record, Fits, you can hear elements of old progressive rock, garage rock, jazz, splintered blues, as well as aesthetic nods to the aforementioned styles.

Fans of the Flaming Lips and Frank Zappa will find something appealing in the demented compositions White Denim (due this evening at the Larimer Lounge) seem to come up with each song. But the act's music isn't weird just to be weird, and in the following interview with Steve Terebecki, the group's bassist, he reveals his own early roots in what many would consider bizarre music.


Westword (Tom Murphy): That video for "I Start to Run" is funny and dark at the same time. Was it mainly Andy Cope's idea or the band's -- or both -- and if so, does it go along with the theme of the song?

Steve Terebecki: There's two videos for "I Start to Run." One is by Tom Haines which has me running through these mountains. The other one is by Andy Cope. For some reason, we had to make two different videos for the song -- the Andy Cope video is sort of the US version.

WW: Tom Haines also did the video for "Shake Shake Shake." It reminds me of old Minutemen videos, "Shit From an Old Notebook" and "King of the Hill," down to the way everything looks and the pacing. Was this intentional and was that band at all an influence on your own?

ST: We talked to him a lot about different styles. That video was our first video that we were involved in, in terms of how it was going to look. We talked a lot about not music videos so much as overall style.

We did talk a bit about old Captain Beefheart videos and stuff like that. If you watch his version of "I Start to Run," it uses sort of the same style. That sort of El Topo, Alejandro Jodorowsky stuff. We're all fans of weird characters and weird corners of the world and creatures that inhabit them.

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