Aspiring freestyle rappers, Put Yo Money Where Ya Mouth Is

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Got skills? Can you rock a mike? Then quit talking and start rocking, homie. Here's a chance to, ahem, Put Yo Money Where Ya Mouth Is. Organized by Dent, a battle seasoned veteran in his own right, this like-named MC battle royal is open to all aspiring freestyle rappers. Up for grabs? A grand. That's one-thousand simolians.


Wanna get paid? Pony up ten bucks and hit up Dent. The preliminary round is coming up on Wednesday, February 17 at the Walnut Room, followed by the finals on Saturday, February 20. The area's best and brightest will be on hand watching, performing and judging. On Wednesday night, DJ Unison, SP Double, the Fresh Breath Committee and ManeRok are slated to perform, while Kingdom, Bumpy Chill and ManeRok weigh in on the contenders. The final sixteen will then face off on Saturday night with Supernatural judging who will walk away with the $1,000 purse.

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