Tonight the BreakEFX battles to become America's Best Dance Crew

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If you're anywhere near the idiot box tonight, be sure to set your dial to MTV around 8 p.m. -- and if you're not, then at least set your DVR. This is big. In a week when some other homegrown hopefuls are showcasing their wares on American Idol, select members of the BreakEFX dance crew will be representing the Mile High City as it battles against four other crews for the chance to earn the title of America's Best Dance Crew.

It's good to see a city with such has a long and vibrant history of breakin' -- beginning with Reagan-era crews like Dancer's Unique, D&S Connection and Radioactive through the '90s with Lordz of Finesse -- finally getting some shine. The Four Elements are alive and well in Denver, and BreakEFX -- which has been holding things down since 2006 and most of whose members probably aren't even old enough to remember the first wave -- is a living testament to this. The crew's moves were dazzling enough to win the title of Colorado's Best Dance Crew in 2008. We'll see if those same moves (get a glimpse of their handiwork after the jump) are enough to turn heads on a national scale.

Get yours, BreakEFX. City's on your back.

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Eppie Deleon (back row), Christa Lewis, Cameron Hobbs, Tyler Simpson, Christopher Martin (front row), Shawn Martinez and Hannah Vincent are BreakEFX.

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