The Weekend Showdown: Picking up the Pirate Signal

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We would hate for you to miss out on all the awesome that happens every weekend in our fair city, so we've decided to run down five of the best shows in one easy-to-swallow post, with video and audio. Tell us -- and the rest of the world -- what we missed in the comments.

Everyone's releasing a CD this week. Well, at least three locals are: Pirate Signal, Paean and Lion sized. We didn't have room here for the first annual Noise Fest at Old Curtis Street Bar, but there should be plenty of knob-twisting goodness there. Plus, Bone Thugs N Harmony and Bob Mould come to town. Welcome back to the 90s.

1.The Pirate Signal CD Release
With The Sunset Curse, F.O.E., Karma, Flowers From Her, DJ Musa & Peter Black
Marquis Theater
Saturday, May 1. Show starts at 8pm.
$8.00/$10.00 day of show.

Why you should go: We love the new Pirate Signal album, and the duo puts on one of the most engaging live acts in Denver. And they're joined by a few acts that can challenge them in that discussion, starting with The Sunset Curse, who are truly insane live.

Pirate Signal
The Sunset Curse

2.Paean CD Release
With Bad Weather California and Mehko & Ocean Birds
Friday, April 30. Doors open at 7pm.

Why you should go: Act So Big Forest mainstays Paean gets labelmate Mehko & Ocean Birds in support, plus stand-out rock act Bad Weather California. The new record, Songs For Us To Sing will make for sing-along goodness live.

Bad Weather California
Mehko & Ocean Birds

3.Lion Sized EP Release
With Accordian Crimes, Glass Hits
Saturday, May 1. Doors open at 9pm.

Why you should go: If any show in Denver challenges the Pirate Signal release for intensity, it will be this one. Lion Sized are just that, huge and noisy, and they'll be in rare form for the release of their new EP. The hi-dive may have a new asshole come Sunday morning.

Lion Sized
Accordian Crimes
Glass Hits

4.Bob Mould
With Hobbs NM
Bluebird Theatre
Saturday, May 1. Show starts at 9pm.

Why you should go: Bob Mould has calmed down since his days with post-punk titans Hüsker Dü. He's still got plenty to say, however, and this is a man with a serious presence. He's working on a memoir now and is partly touring in support of his better than decent album, Life and Times. But honestly, this guy made Zen Arcade and what else needs to be said?

Bob Mould

5. Bone Thugs N Harmony
With Umconscious, Air Dubai
Gothic Theatre
Friday, April 30. Doors open at 7pm.

Why you should go: Cleveland's finest hip-hop ground comes to Denver and gets support from some serious talent of our own. So it's been a little bit since BTNH were heavy on the radar. 90s nostalgia is the coolest thing going...

Bone Thugs N Harmony
Air Dubai

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