3OH!3's new record to be chock full of the kind of shit people blog about

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On June 29, 3OH!3 is slated to release Streets of Gold, the eagerly anticipated and sure to be stupefying follow-up to Want, the act's 2008 Photo Finish debut. What we know about the record thus far, to wit: It will presumably contain a song called "House Party," a tune that's so over the top that you'd rightly think the dudes are putting you on. They're not, apparently. Andrew WK has already submitted a remix.

Some more insight we gleaned just now from watching this clip from the Streets of Gold rockumentary -- and directly the lips of some Sonny Crockett looking record company bro with a blue tooth ear-piece (permanently?) attached to his head: The album is apparently going to be chock full of "smash jams" that are "in your face" and "controversial" -- you know, "the kind of shit people blog about." (Blogs are big these days, evidently. Who knew?)

Next Monday, May 3 Right now, the dynamic duo will be is premiering Streets of Gold's first single, "My First Kiss," featuring Ke$ha, and we can see if any of these claims hold true -- and pre-order the new album, of course.

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