Meese calls it quits, last official show this Saturday at the Bluebird

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Looks like it's the end of the road for Meese. Well sort of. This Saturday, May 22, at the Bluebird, the band will be playing its last official show -- or delivering its final Broadcast, as it were -- as Meese with the Northern Way.

After enjoying a great deal of success on the local level and burgeoning success on the national front (being listed in as one of AP's 100 Bands You Need to Know this year), followed eventually by a frustrating set back (parting ways with Atlantic Records), the Meese brothers, Patrick and Nathan, and guitarist Mike Ayars are retiring the Meese moniker and preparing to launch a brand new band with new players and all new music.

Taking a page out of Hot IQs' book, the guys are actually slated to perform two more times, once at the Colorado Rapids game on July 4 and on August 21 at Bohemian Nights in Fort Collins, but are considering the show this weekend at the Bluebird to be its last proper show.

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