The Swayback lands gig at Rock 'N Rev in Sturgis this fall

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Get a load of this lineup: Godsmack, Creed, 3 Doors Down, Stone Temple Pilots, the Swayback, Hinder, Wolfmother, the Eagles of Death Metal, Skillet, the Jim Rose Circus. Hold on. We know what you're thinking -- what ... the... eff, right? We know! Can you believe it? We're as stunned as you. For starters, we didn't even know Creed and STP were still breathing. What's that? Oh, yeah, the Swayback -- how about that? Bet you never thought we'd see those guys on a bill like that. We certainly didn't. But it is so. We just received got word that the dudes have just landed a slot at Rock 'N Rev -- allegedly the largest party in Sturgis -- during the week of August 9. Luckily Wolfmother and Eagles of Death Metal are also slated to perform, so it shouldn't be a full-on brodeo.

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