Action Packed Thrill Ride, Candy Claws and SoundRabbit got spins on local radio this week. See who else got played.

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Here what the area's local-centric specialty radio shows were spinning this week. We're currently tracking the playlists a number of different shows including, Radio 1190's Local Shakedown*, KTCL's Locals Only, KBCO's Local Edition, The Colorado Sound, which originates at KRFC and is re-broadcast all over Colorado, 99.5 the Mountain's Homegrown Show*, and the Colorado Wave, which is syndicated on a number of stations across the country. See the full playlists posted after the jump.

* These playlists haven't been made available yet, but will be added as soon as they are.


Action Packed Thrill Ride - "Hug of War"
Random Hero - "Good Morning"
Snake Rattle Rattle Snake - "Kafka & the Milk"
Photo Atlas - "I Can't Sleep"
Air Dubai - "Ten Weeks"
King Tef - "Boomerang"
Saving Daylight - "Love Is the Movement"
Meniskus - "Partyer"
Robot Smack - "Roflcopter"
Something Underground - "Breathe"
Quillion - "Delay"
Young Cities - "At It Again"
Meese - "I Don't Buy It"


DeVotchKa - "Vengo! Vengo!"
The Subdudes - "Work Clothes"
Apples in Stereo - "Dance Floor"
The Foot. - "High Design"
The Rouge - "Lady Luck"
The Autumn Film - "Always the Same"
Candy Claws - "The Sun Is My Girl"
Wentworth Kersey - "Sun and Moon"
Andrea Ball - "Letter"
Hello Kavita - "Colorado"
Ash Ganley - "Lonely World"
Rebecca Folsom - "Not A Child"
Aakash Mittal Quartet - "Mughal Impressions"
Big Head Todd and the Monsters - "Runaway Train"
Jon Ridnell - "Angels"
Great American Taxi - "Reckless Habits"
Emmitt-Nershi Band - "Surfing the Red Sea"
Houses - "Me & Mr. Kelly"
Carbon Choir - "Bullet Past Your Head"
Gritch - "Sunday Morning Train (Electronic)"
Nathaniel Rateliff - "Early Spring Till"
Rainville - "Pass That Bottle Down"
The Haunted Windchimes - "Don't Take My Baby Away"
Six Months to Live - "Knock Three Times"
Wendy Woo Trio - "Crisis"
Dave LeMieux & The House Of Soul - "Finding the Groove"


Soundrabbit - "Emil"
Monica Augustine - "I Decide"
John Bunzli - "The Well"
Big Head Todd & the Monsters - "Midnight Radio" (Studio C recording from 1999)


Faces Of Radio - "Burn It Down"
Static Field - "It's All The Same"
Robert Allen Kirby - "Peace Love & Life"
Just Jinjer - "What He Means"
Tim Yunker - "Plastic World"
Mickey & Kathe Gasbarre- "Come To Papa"
The Smackers - "I Go Blind"
Encompass - "Steam Wagon"
Vegas With Randolph - "Buses Trains & Planes"
David Michael - "Low Bid On A Dream"
Paris Luna - "Someday"
Clobber Jaw - "Something Very Near"

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