21 Best Lady Gaga look-alikes from last night at the Pepsi Center and Tracks

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There's something to be said for a singer or band who can compel their fans to not just buy a T-shirt or sticker or button, but to actually dress like them, as well. Usually these fanatics, as a whole, earn a nickname like Army or Legion or Nation. With the pop's latest cult leader, Lady Gaga, the fans are known as Monsters. And the fans go to great lengths to mimic her dress from awards shows, music videos or album covers. Here are the 21 or so best look-likes from last night's Lady Gaga concert at the Pepsi Center and the after-party at Tracks.

Each look-alike is rated on a scale of one to five Lady Gaga heads, 5 being the best and 1 being, "meh."

Aaron Thackeray
A front-runner for costume of the night, this fan wears her version of Lady Gaga's costume that the singer wore to the MTV music awards last year.

Aaron Thackeray
More "Telephone" music video fans.

Aaron Thackeray
Wearing just a bra out for the night? We have Lady Gaga to thank for the resurgence of this trend.

Kate Levy
Nice facepaint.

Aaron Thackeray

Kate Levy
Nice facepaint here, too.

Kate Levy
She actually looks like her. Nice job.

Kate Levy
Points for the platinum wig.

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