Last Night review: Kings of Leon at Comfort Dental Amphitheater

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Kings of Leon • Built to Spill • the Features
07.20.10 | Comfort Dental Amphitheater, Greenwood Village

In the pantheon of all time miserable shows, I'd rank last night's Kings of Leon show at Comfort Dental right up there with MGMT at Red Rocks last month, DeVotchKa's set at Monolith in 2008 and night two of the Fray's three-night stand at Red Rocks. The thing all of these concerts had in common -- besides the fact that all of them, with the exception of Kings, were at Red Rocks -- is the utterly convincing notion that Mother Nature can be one scornful, vindictive bitch when she wants to be.

Built to Spill -- who, along with the Features opened the show, and who we missed entirely, save for a blistering five-minute guitar solo/jam during its last song -- has a song called "Randy Described Eternity," in which Doug Martsch sings the words:

Every thousand years/This metal sphere/Ten times the size of Jupiter/Floats just a few yards past the earth/You climb on your roof/And take a swipe at it with a single feather/Hit it once every thousand years/`Til you've worn it down to the size of a pea/Yeah I'd say that's a long time/But it's only half a blink in the place you're gonna be

If you didn't know any better, you'd swear Martsch had written those words just last night, inspired by the excruciating long waits we all had to endure at the start of the evening. First it was to pick up our tickets at will call, then it was waiting to be patted down as we made our way into the venue -- part of the reason we ended up missing Built to Spill in the first place -- and then there was the agonizing set changeover.

All told, it only took about a half hour to break down Built to Spill's gear and test the levels for Kings (about fifteen minutes more than what seems reasonable), but sitting there drenched, sans a poncho or umbrella, while enduring a slight yet unforgiving breeze, it seemed like seventeen months. These guys better fucking be good to make sitting through this crap worth it, I scoffed. (Needless to say, I was in an extremely foul mood by then.)

Fortunately, they were, and it was. As twin plumes of red smoke billowed from both sides of the stage, the Kings made their entrance and kicked off the show with "Crawl." Around this time, the rain miraculously stopped falling -- or so it seemed. Turns out, we just had something else to focus on and so we no longer noticed, but it did continue to drizzle for the better part of the band's set.

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