Tjutjuna gets love on Altered Zones, Pitchfork's new sister site

A big hell yeah for Tjutjuna, who was written up last week on Altered Zones, Pitchfork's sister site, made up of a consortium of forward-thinking bloggers devoted to highlighting "the most notable and adventurous new artists."

Although we have to admit that the writing is a little dense for our simple minds ("Beautiful fireworks illuminate the void like simulacra of cosmic birth, an interstellar dronestorm reflected in the glorious onslaught of Tjutjuna's "Mosquito Hawk."), it seems like quite an endorsement.

And while we're going to have to look up "simulacra" to be absolutely certain, we're pretty sure we agree about "Mosquito Hawk," the song in question. It's pretty nifty.

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