UMS Night Three Travelogue: Light Travels Faster at TS Board Shop, Murder Pinchers at 3 Kings Tavern and more

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Aaron Thackeray
Murder Pinchers at 3 Kings Tavern

UMS Travelogue, Night Thee
7.24.10 | Baker District/South Broadway

The TS Board Shop stage was really an augmented version of the truck that Jeremy Gregory of Bands for Lands and The Construct uses to put on shows anywhere and everywhere. This year, someone did something right, and the sound, despite being outside, was excellent. Seattle's Tea Cozies are easily one of the best guitar pop bands around. Probably because it isn't just the evocative vocal melodies employed by Jessi Reed and Brady Harvey and how catchy every song seems to be.

Tea Cozies - July 24, 2010.JPG
Tom Murphy
The Tea Cozies

The Tea Cozies used pure guitar noise in moments to create a sense of building tension and haunting guitar leads to bring some unexpected atmosphere to what are essentially upbeat songs. The comparisons to Elastica are made easy by the Cozies covering a tune by that band, but this foursome definitely made the stage its own with strong presence and a good-natured wit that sometimes seemed lost on the crowd.

Traveling on to find something to eat, the early part of the set from Eyes and Ears sounded like that group has come a long way from even its early excellence. Confident enough to move about more than ever and playing without any self-consciousness at all.

The sun was starting to set when Light Travels Faster hit the stage at the TS Board Shop stage. Christopher Rigel had one a white suit and a purple tie. Todd Spriggs wore a pink suit and boots with a red neckerchief. Kyle Fuller's drum kit had purple shells and other accouterments along with a flashing green light emanating from within. Pretty sure he had blue or purple hair too but in the fading twilight, especially in the shadow of the truck, it was hard to be sure.

Light Travels Faster - July 24, 2010.JPG
Tom Murphy
Light Travels Faster

But sartorial choices and personal effects aside, this was one of the best Light Travels Faster shows that I have seen for a long time. They've always been a noteworthy band in the sprawling Denver music landscape but Rigel's native humor and a good spirits and energy on stage made each song seem even better. For the song "Red," Rigel said he thought they could team up with Coldplay who have "Yellow" and get some kind of McDonald's crossover going.

Joking aside, Rigel is kind of an indie rock Neil Young in the making, and the songs performed by Light Travel Faster were romantic without false sentimentality. Closing with a demented cover of "Search and Destroy" by the Stooges, Rigel on a furry white acoustic, sealed the impression these guys know how to have fun while performing with intensity.

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