2010 DMC US Finals DJ Battle in NYC dominated by Colorado DJs

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Update: DJ Etronik from Pico Rivera, California, ended up taking home honors over the weekend as the winner of this year's DMC US Finals in NYC.

This Saturday, August 7, another chapter will be added to the annals of hip-hop history in New York City. On what will presumably be a predictably humid evening in the Big Apple, the 2010 DMC US Finals will take place, with twelve competitors from coast to coast pitted against each other on turntables in a quest for absolute supremacy. In order to receive a coveted invitation to the national competition, a DJ must prove his or her skills in a regional competition by placing in the top three.

Okay, we know what some of you are thinking -- particularly those of you who aren't exactly plugged into or enthused about the DJ scene in Colorado: You're probably wondering why you should care about a competition happening on the other side of the country, much less one involving DJs, right? Well, how about civic pride, for starters? Five out of the dozen national competitors hail from Colorado, and they earned their slots by placing at three of the five regionals held across the country. This is HUGE for our state! Not to mention it speaks volumes about the talent being produced here.

Some of the turntablists, like DJ Notch, the Fresh Breath Committee's Skip Ripkin and Basementalism veteran B*Money qualified locally, while others such as hometown hero and DMC veteran Cysko Rokwel and Jeff C from Fort Collins actually traveled elsewhere to earn their slots on somebody else's soil. In advance of this weekend's comp, we caught up with all of them for a chat about the finals, and the advantage, if any, that the Colorado contenders have over their counterparts.

WW (Rachel Romero): Close to half of the National DMC battle contestants are from Colorado. Knowing that you've practiced and held many cut sessions with these folks, how are you planning on setting yourself apart from the other contestants?

B*Money: I'm just going to stick with what I know and do best and not try to sound like anyone else. I collect a lot of records, so I hope that the stuff I've been diggin' for will set me apart!

Jeff C: I think that everyone who made it from Colorado definitely has their own style, so I am not really concerned about setting myself apart from any of them.

Skip Ripkin: I avoid videos as much as possible, so I won't be influenced by others. I feel that my selection of wax and techniques will further help in differentiating myself from the lineup.

Cysko Rokwel: Personally, I have known a lot of the guys from around the Colorado scene for a while. But B*Money and Jeff C. and I have sessioned for years. I have done nights with Jeff and did the Basementalism show with B*Money. We would cut every Saturday for years. Notch was one of the first dudes, outside of DJ Tense in 1998, that had tables and records. Skip Ripkin had a reputation from Colorado Springs, and I met him in 2003, when I was defending my Bart's battle title.

I have battled every one of these guys in the past ten years and have a lot of respect for all of them. As far as standing out or sounding different? We all pretty much have different styles. My style is a little more new-school, as far as collaborating the influences from all the amazing Euro DJs and the various crews such as Allies, Battle Star, Platter Pirates that are from the States.

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