All Capitals do the legwork to get people out to their show

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For this week's top flier, the legs have it. Four hypnotic, abstracted sets of them, like a mannequin-esque nightmare that erupts after a night of too much cough syrup and too many Robert Palmer videos -- but in a good way.

The key word here is synergy. The legs themselves are pretty eye-catching, sure. The way the color shading shapes and softens the lines, the colors themselves, the near-hypnotic symmetry -- all very nice. The blocky, retro-future logo and lettering is similarly solid, without being remarkable in and of itself. Either piece, by itself, is very good.

But together?

In combination, it's evocative, provocative and suggests a narrative. The whole evokes some sort of alt-history bitpunk future where the Soviet Union won the Cold War and then collapsed, changing not just politics, but art and culture and design. That's a fancy way of saying we think it's cool.

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