Overcasters to celebrate the release of their new album with a three-day festival

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Ryan Muir
At the beginning of the year, you might recall us mentioning something about Overcasters heading to Hollywood later in the year, where they'd spend a week tracking their new album with Rick Parker, a producer with a list of credits that includes records by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and the Von Bondies, among others.

Well, the album has since been completed and given a title and release date. Dubbed The Whole Sea Is Raging, the platter will be issued on vinyl at the end of October. To celebrate its release, the outfit has organized a three-day festival that will feature Overcasters and nearly a dozen of their friends (including Gangcharger, Achile Lauro, Light Travels Faster, the Swayback, the Buckingham Squares and more).

Aptly titled Gathering of the Clouds, the event is slated to take place Thursday, October 21, through Saturday, October 23, at the Weather Center, the band's warehouse. We'll have more details as they become available.

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