Reviews: Danielle Ate the Sandwich, Joe Purdy, John Common and the Blinding Flashes of Light, Drive-By Truckers at Mile High Music Festival, day two

Danielle Ate the Sandwhich-BLF.jpg
Brian Landis Folkins
Danielle Ate the Sandwich on the Wolf Stage.
My first stop was the Wolf stage, where Danielle Ate the Sandwich was parked, being all adorably quirky -- as she does so well. She was playing "Bad Romance" and then lead into "Canada," the simple harmonies and clean uke and violin lines offering a refreshing foil to Jack Johnson last night. Although I was over Johnson after about an hour, Danielle is so engaging -- her music so clean and simple, yet interesting -- that I could have listened for much longer than her forty-minute set.

She spent almost as much time bantering with audience members as singing, proclaiming that some skater/snowboarder types had some "nice ass sandwiches" they were waving at her, catching up with old schoolmates and even a former teacher while on stage. We were treated to "Two-Bedroom Apartment," "Bribes" and "The American Dream" before she took her leave.

Joe Purdy-BLF (2).jpg
Brian Landis Folkins
Joe Purdy in the Elk Tent.
Joe Purdy had the Elk tent packed, and Fury was throwing down some dark, dirty dub-step in the Beta Beach tent, but I pressed on toward the Cougar stage to wait for John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light -- where a sizable crowd had gathered for Danielle Ate the Sandwich autographs; I wasn't the only person she impressed, evidently.

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