In honor of Sleep, here are ten other bands with (nearly) Google-defying names

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In this Internet age, it's about as important to consult Google when you name your band as it is to do a trademark search. Bands frequently come up with names that, while catchy or clever, often make a quick Google search for them somewhat maddening. If you factor Myspace out of the equation, some of these bands are next to impossible to find. With Sleep in town this weekend we started thinking about other bands with (nearly) Google-defying names after the jump. Check out our list after the jump.

10. Tennis
First result on Google: US Open results
The way to find them: Search for "Tennis band"
Even if you search for "tennis band," the first link you'll find is a item we wrote, then one the A.V. Club did and finally, the third result is their MySpace page. Who has time to look all the way to the third result?

9. +/-
First result on Google: Your search - +/- did not match any documents
The way to find them: Search for "plus minus band"
Seriously? You're going to name your band +/-? Okay, granted, it doesn't take that much brain matter to figure out how to search for this group, but still.

8. Pee Pee
First result on Google: YouTube video titled Pee-Pee
The way to find them: Search for "Pee pee band"
This one's not particularly hard to find if you attach "band" to the end. If you forget, however, prepare yourself for a slew of weird YouTube videos.

7. Fuck
First result on Google: Fuck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The way to find them: Search for "fuck band Oakland"
This one's sort of complicated in that you need to know the band was from Oakland. On the other hand, who the hell cares about the band Fuck anymore anyway?

Photo: Dr. Facade
6. Fell
First result on Google: Fell (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The way to find them: Search for "Fell band Denver"
Again, you need to know which city the band is from -- you can get away with searching for just "Fell, band" but the results are still a bit whacky.

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