An exclusive advance listen to Till We See the Sun, by the Heyday

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As you've no doubt heard by now, Air Dubai and the Heyday are releasing their brand-new records this weekend at the Gothic Theatre, in the form of a dual CD-release party with Bop Skizzum and Places. Yesterday we presented you with an exclusive advance listen of Wonder Age, Air Dubai's new album. Today we present an exclusive preview of Till We See the Sun, the Heyday's new disc.


As you might recall, in order to finance the new platter, the members of the Heyday appealed directly to their fan base, offering a tiered donation platform for fans that included an array of unique opportunities, from having the band perform at your house to getting the chance to actually appear on the record. The act raised enough money to record six songs.

Once the funds were raised, the bandmembers returned to the Blasting Room for just over a week of tracking at the end of May with Christopher Jak, the same studio maestro who produced their self-titled debut in 2008. The Blasting Room's resident dynamic duo was also involved -- Andrew Berlin engineered and mixed the disc, while the mastering was handled by Jason Livermore -- so, needless to say, the sound is stellar.

The EP is about on par with what you'd expect if you followed the outfit early on: a half-dozen tunes that sound similar to the breezy, Americana-inflected pop that dominated the Heyday's debut. Led by Randy Ramirez, whose vocals are notably kindred to Nate Ruess (the Format, Fun.), the band has mostly retained its striking melodic sensibilities here, and while there are no immediate breakout singles like "Come In or Stay Out," there's plenty of sing-a-long fodder and radio bait to be had.

Click through to listen to Till We See the Sun in its entirety and to read some fun facts about the sessions as told to us by bassist Pete Wynn -- including how the band slept in bunkbeds at the studio and stayed up all night watching Berlin grill up Unicorn Burgers.

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