If President Obama has a thing for hip-hop, here are five artists to add to his iPod

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In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, our president revealed that his music palette has expanded slightly in recent years with a little help from his personal aide, Reggie Love. New additions to his usual standbys of Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones include Nas and Lil' Wayne. It's a little weird having a president who not only admits publicly to liking Lil Wayne, but also to the fact that his two children, Malia and Sasha, are "hipping" him to things.

What? Hipping? Really? Goodness gracious, Mr. President. You're just adorable sometimes. At any rate, since President Obama is expanding his hip-hop repertoire, we've been thinking about a few other artists he might want to add to his somewhat pathetic 2,000-song iPod, find our picks after the jump.


5. Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

There's something about picturing the president dancing around in the Oval Office while listening to "Shutter Bug" that brings a smile to our faces. Can you see it? It's an imaginary sight to behold.


4. Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... pt II

Simply put: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...pt II is one of the best hip-hop records released in the past five years. Okay, that might be arguable, but naysayers notwithstanding, it's a great record, and one that could inspire the president to shake his booty on Air Force One on more than one occasion.

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