Last Night: Matt and Kim light up the Ogden Theatre - 9/24/10

OMG, it's Matt and Kim! Last night at the Ogden.
Matt and Kim • So So Glos • Picture Plane
09.24.10 | Ogden Theatre, Denver

The hyper-positive drum-and-keyboard duo of Matt and Kim: From playing DIY art spaces to packing grand old joints like the Ogden Theatre, you have to wonder how much bigger the Brooklyn-proud (we'll get to that later) duo can get. Really. Will they add a member a few years from now? Replace (gasp!) a member? Break up? Do a concept album about striped clothing?

For those who think they're about to hit the ceiling of their popularity (and it's entirely possible), last night's show might have disproved that notion. The band played for more than a hour -- its longest set ever -- stretching out the set, mixing in hip-hop covers and dance hits, keeping any audience members not familiar with the band's entire catalogue engaged.

Just after 10:30 p.m., the duo took to the stage to wailing, screaming and more than a few soaking-wet drunk fans. The anticipation was apparent before they even took the stage: A wave of cheering went up as a member of the Odgen's stage crew who resembled Matt Johnson pushed Kim Schifino's drum set to the front of the stage. (False alarm, guys!)

Instead of Matt & Kim, we were all treated to a killer mix (they should upload it to their website -- on the low, of course) of seemingly every rap song from the past two decades that included references to Brooklyn. Although Matt's from Vermont and Kim's from Rhode Island, like a bajillion other twenty-somethings, the pair moved to New York Brooklyn in the earlier part of the last decade and made it their home.

To the brain-rattling bass and volume of "Where's Brooklyn At," by Biggie Smalls, the two bounded on to the stage, Matt waving a towel around like a sideways helicopter, while dozens of balloons with Kim's head screened on them floated above the sweaty crush of people in front of the stage.

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