Last Night: Sound Tribe Sector 9's predictable set keeps a sold-out Red Rocks crowd happy

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Personal Bias: Thievery Corporation is one of my all-time favorite musical groups; I especially love watching them play live, and I listen to their albums all the time. By contrast, I couldn't name a single STS9 song if pressed. Maybe I just listen to too much dark, dirty electronic music and funky downtempo to truly appreciate STS9 ...

Random Detail: To the girl in Row 24 who made me give her a hug in exchange for letting me pass by: You made my night.

By the Way: During the switch between Thievery Corporation and STS9, the screen that creates the trippy light displays behind STS9 was ordering, in tall white letters across a black background, "No Laser Pointers Please." Is that a big problem at STS9 shows?

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