Rusko, M80 Dubstation at the Ogden Theatre - 09.21.10

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Tom Murphy

M80 Dubstation
09.21.10 | Ogden Theatre, Denver

Last night, the first of Rusko's two sold-out shows in Colorado had the Ogden bursting at the seams, with glow bracelets (as opposed to the glow sticks popular at '90s raves) dotting the crowd. Denver has earned a reputation for being one of the most intoxicated cities in America, and last night, if you dared to make your way to the front, there was plenty of empirical evidence to bear this out, leaving no doubt that everyone there was out to have a great time.

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Hunter Stevens

M80 Dubstation_2.jpg
Hunter Stevens
M80 Dubstation
M80 Dubstation mostly stared into his equipment and manipulated sounds through his laptop. The clanky electronic percussion, glitchy sounds and boom-throbbing bass mixed with cycles of synth swells made for far-better-than-average club music. But with only fog and a lackluster light show, what could have been a stronger sensory experience seemed a little flatter than the music actually was.

M80 showed skill and flair in creating an extended outro sequence as Rusko joined him briefly on stage to hook up his own laptop in an effort to keep the transition as smooth as possible. Most of the crowd had been chanting "Rusko!" before M80 was done, which was a little rude but understandable. Pausing rather than slowing the show down, M80 exited as a projection with the words "TCR Countdown" flashed just before Rusko came on stage wearing a Joy Division Unknown Pleasures T-shirt.

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